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“Colleen, just finding your awesome. Wish I had known about it sooner... Great information and well done! :-)”


-Jaime A

Carrot Juice


Free Consultation

30 - min health conversation will uncover pain and discover habits and behaviors associated with weight gain. Discover a clear specific trigger of what is holding one back from weight loss and better health. Identify hidden issues that might be underlying the problem ie hormone factors, environmental issues, trauma, and stress. The goal is to uncover what might be the biggest challenge when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Body Measurements

Wellness Warrior

90 DAY Program

Receive a Strategic health framework, Action plan to better health, Balancing hormones, Simple tracking system, Habit framework, Actions, Adapt a Susatinawell Mindset! Included is also a 30 min weekly accountability consistency call, Email food tracker daily to Sustainawell, Daily action steps, Mind-body plan with routine, exercise, mindset work, and a Be Well Journal!

Get Healthy Now!

Helping you achieve sustainable health for a lifetime. 

Founder, Colleen McArtor B. S. Nutrition and Dietetics has a passion for health! Sustainawell is a healthy lifestyle program designed to help individuals and groups begin to eat clean , drink clean and live free. Living free means to change your mindset about food, habits and your health to live a life you are designed for . 


 It is not the food that is the issue, but how we manage the food, emotions and what we tell ourselves. Through classes, coaching sessions, and webinars, you will discover a healthy and sustainable way of living that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever. Schedule now to start your sustainable health journey today.

Sustainawell offers on-site visits to your home and office as well as Internet-based services where we use different electronic tools to communicate and stay on top of your new healthy living.


Sustainawell will guide you on solutions to challenges for example: Grocery shopping, dining out, social events. Family events and much more.

"Colleen is Awesome! I have been working with her for the past 2 months. Her support is not only to help me with my food issues, but also with my career and family. Her energy is contagious!! She has made it exciting for me to take back my life and health. I look forward to our calls each week. She really listens to me. She see's the potential I have and is helping me reach my goals. Personally and professionally, She is a LIFE coach!"


- Evalyn Murphy

How It Works!

Helping you eat well and live well... 

Diets fail, but partnering with founder Colleen McArtor who has walked the journey and still does, will guide and coach you to better health. We work to keep it simple and develop an individualized plan that is tailored to your lifestyle.


We are passionate to create change and work at the root of the problem, not just giving you a meal plan to follow. Instead, we work with individuals and look at helping them identify a solution to  finding better health options . We walk with you and ask them to see beyond themselves and take small steps to ensure health success. We break down excuses into results that are positive. When working with Sustainawell you will gain confidence and self-esteem. There is no failure, only success. We all  walk away more confident and free to live a life designed for us!

“Colleen is awesome! She has a lot of positive energy and wonderful ideas. Looking to get healthy? You came to the right person.”


- Gina B.

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