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2019 Sustainawell 30 Sec V1 1

"Colleen is Awesome! I have been working with her for the past 2 months. Her support is not only to help me with my food issues, but also with my career and family. Her energy is contagious!! She has made it exciting for me to take back my life and health. I look forward to our calls each week. She really listens to me. She see's the potential I have and is helping me reach my goals. Personally and professionally, She is a LIFE coach!"


- Evalyn Murphy

From The Desk Of Colleen McArtor
Photo of Colleen McArtor before her weight loss.
CEO of Sustainawell

Welcome! I have lost over 50 pounds and kept it off for 21 years. I have coached and motivated several people to weight loss goals of over 150 lbs. I have also coached people to successful goals of 25-50 lbs. I can tell you that I have some secrets to losing weight and keeping it off. My signature program  Formula to Freedom, eating and living clean provides more than just a diet, but a healthier way to transform your life. We take a deep dive into breaking free of the cravings, positive mindset, as well as visualizing who you see in the mirror. We all know how to lose the weight but how do we maintain it for a lifetime. Let Sustainawell be your solution to living free and loving life . 


You will leave our sessions feeling inspired and invigorated to take the first steps to a healthier you. 

Photo of Colleen McArtor standing with her one hand in a fist resting under her chin.