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"Over the past 4 years Colleen has encouraged me to focus on my personal health. I did off and on with yo-yo results, but I was not truly committed. I finally hit rock bottom on May 12th and started doing all of the things Colleen had educated me on.  I am down 25 pounds since COVID-19 hit. It’s amazing the energy I have and how my body recovers from playing sports. I could not have done this without Colleens' help and her custom approach that fit my needs and personality. Thank you Colleen!!"

-James T.



Sustainawell is a healthy lifestyle program designed to help individuals and groups begin to eat healthy , drink clean and live free. Living free means to change your mindset about food, habits and your health to live a life you are designed for. 


 It is not the food that is the issue, but how we manage the food, emotions and what we tell ourselves. Through classes, coaching sessions, and webinars, you will discover a healthy and sustainable way of living that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever. Schedule now to start your sustainable health journey today.

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